The 5 quickest ways to impress women online

By Jack Conway

At the Weekly Score, you constantly hear us talking about subtlety.

Subtly sell yourself.

Subtly suggest you're the one for her.

Subtly convince her to go out on a date with you.

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Today we're going to revisit this concept, but this time, in relation to impressing her.

Since the beginning of time, men have gone out of their way to impress the ladies.

And why not? It works!

Heck, years ago, my father impressed my mother with his talent and skill on the football field.

And I can even remember being around 6 or 7, jumping off the awning of our front porch, trying desperately to impress my next door neighbor, Amber; with just how high I could jump.

We do all kinds of crazy things to impress the women we're interested in.

The theory being, if by our actions, they are impressed, how could they not want to date us?

Well, as flimsy as that argument may sound, there is a bit of relevance to it.

Women like to be impressed. They like to know that the guy they're interested in has something to offer.

Think about your profile for a second.

There are things that you mention in your profile that are either directly or indirectly aimed at impressing a possible date.

Your job, your experiences, your interests.

These things all contribute to her contacting you initially.

But to keep her there, you better make sure she stays impressed.

So here are. . .

5 ways to impress a woman online

And these techniques are so subtle; she won't even know you're trying. All she'll know is that she's so impressed with you, the only thing she can think about is seeing you - face to face.

* Impress her with your smarts

* Impress her with your look

* Impress her with your desire to know more about her

* Impress her with your softer side while still maintaining your manhood

* Impress her with your thirst for life (Women love this stuff!)

* Today we will begin with the first - how to. . .

Impress her with your smarts!

Women love intelligent men.

Intelligence shows that you have substance. That you have interests other than ESPN and Victoria's Secret catalogs.

But let's face it. It's probably been awhile since you were in school. And it's not like you have time to spend hours at the library, researching quantum mechanics and Taoist theory.

However, there are a few techniques you can use to come off as intelligent. And these techniques won't require a lot of extra work or a tutor.

Know your novels

Intelligent men read.

It's just that simple.

Now you may not be much of a reader. But that's okay.

If you can just stay motivated long enough to read the 5 books I'm about to list, you will come off like a literary hero.

The books you're about to see are books that are considered by many, classic literature. They're 5 of the most well-written books to ever grace any library or Barnes & Noble. They are books that will not only show her you're well-read...but also that you choose books which are filled with adventure, emotion, passion and humor. Definite "hot buttons" for the ladies.

Here are 5 books that every man should be familiar with - and ready to reference and talk about at any given time:

Tropic of Cancer, by Henry Miller (a real man's book - no metrosexuals here)
Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (will show her your humorous and romantic side)
Siddharta, by Herman Hesse (will show her your spiritual side)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson (will show her your adventurous side)
The House of the Spirits, by Isabelle Allende (will show her your emotional and passionate side)

Trust me when I tell you - talk about any one of these books, and she'll get weak in the knees.

And if she's unfamiliar with any of these books - even better.

Suggest that she read the books herself, and then let you know what she thought about them.

It's a great way to keep the magic alive!

Artistically speaking

Knowledge of art suggests sophistication and a little brain power.

Think about it. How many art snobs do you know without at least a hint of smarts?

Having art in your home is a great way to show off your noggin.

And no, I'm not talking about "Dogs Playing Poker!"

There are tons of great art appreciation books you can browse at your local library.

Thumb through a few of them, see what catches your fancy, write down and remember the artists, pieces and genres and find some prints of the famous works.

You can find prints of practically every famous artist online.

When you find what you want, take the prints over to a framing store, and get them matted and framed.

Although they're only prints, a good frame job can make them look terrific.

And again, you don't need to know every single painter out there. Just a few. Enough to be able to talk about the art, anyway.

Trips to the art museum are also great dates - and great ways to show off.

Go to the homepage of your local museum and see what new exhibit is coming to town. Do a little research on the exhibit and the artist, then suggest a museum date. Use your newly-gained knowledge to impress her. Like this, for example:

Hey Melissa,

I just found out that the Baltimore Museum of Art is hosting the Dale Chihuly exhibit. Have you ever seen his work? He's absolutely amazing. Definitely one of my favorites. He has this one incredible piece that's in a castle in Spain. Unfortunately, it won't be at the exhibit, but I can't wait to see everything else. You wanna join me? I know you'll absolutely love his work.

Stay Current

Knowledge of current events suggests that you regularly keep up with the news - meaning you probably spend a lot of time reading news sites or the paper.

But more importantly, if you keep up with current events, you'll always have something to talk about. And more times than not - what you'll bring to the conversation will be completely new to her.

She'll be impressed with how much you know about so many different things.

Of course, read the newspaper every morning and maybe catch up on the nightly news and you'll have all the ammunition you need to come off as intelligent here.

Become a human dictionary

The way we speak can tell others a lot about us.

A person who regularly peppers his conversation with profanity will be looked upon as ignorant and having little or no class.

Not a very intelligent move!

Polite conversation will get you far.

Polite conversation with an expanded vocabulary will get you further.

Now you may not be the most eloquent speaker in the world, but add a few fifty cent words to your writing and speaking repertoire, and you'll look like William "freakin" Shakespeare to a lot of women. Especially considering that most men up to this point never even thought about speaking intelligently.

You'll be the articulate alpha male she always dreamed of.

In 1852,

Something historical happened.

Know what it is. And when the opportune time reveals itself - hit her with one of your useless historical facts.

I know it doesn't seem like a smooth, date-like thing to do, but knowing your history can make you look like that incredibly handsome professor she had in college.

You know the one.

He was so smart. He was so wise. He knew so much.

Even if you only have an arsenal of 10 or 15 random historical facts - they'll be more than she's used to hearing.

And if you know you're going somewhere that could have an ounce of historical relevance, figure it out beforehand - and bring it up later on the date. She will be impressed!

If you're able to use just one of these techniques, you'll instantly be regarded as having some significant level of intelligence. She'll remember this - and be impressed by this.

Join me next week when I will show you how to impress a woman with your look.

It doesn't matter what you look like either. Follow these tips, and you'll be rivaling the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Okay, well maybe not those guys. But you'll definitely be looking good enough to get her attention!

Until next time,

Happy Scoring!